About the author of “Jomon Museum”

Tadahiro Ogawa
Born in 1942
From around 1965, started to work as a freelance photographer.
Until around 1980, took charge of gravure pictures for weekly and monthly magazines.

documentsDuring that time, covered material on environmental issues and the liberation struggle of Portuguese-held Africans.
Over the years, stayed in the liberated zone of the African liberation struggle, and published a variety of books of photographs of the struggle.

Since around 1980 to this day, have been taking photographs in the field of art and archaeology, and photo picture books for infants and children.


To date, have taken unfolded photos of 12,000 pieces of Jomon pottery and more than 1,000 pieces of ceramic both at home and abroad.


  • Jomon Doki Taikan (A Grand Survey of Jomon Pottery: 1-4)
  • Chugoku no Monyo (Panoramic Views of Chinese Patterns)
  • Eagakareta Girisha Sinwa (Greek Vase Paintings in Panorama)




 Developed the technique using round type slit filmcamera.





Special Exhibition at Tokyo National Museum in 2009


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