Ch. 3 – pp. 66-67


pp. 66-67

pp. 66-67


Some plants in our familiar surrounding from which fibers can be obtained are linden, ramie, nettle, paper mulberry, wisteria, and hemp. It is thought that the Jomon people made clothes by extracting fibers out of plants, twisting them to form yarns, and weaving using the leno weaving method.


1 (p. 66):
The back of the clay figurine of p. 65. A waist string is seen tied around the belly. The four pieces of clay figurines shown here were excavated from locations distant from each other, but the clothes depicted on them are similar.

4 (bottom, p. 67):
Whether the decoration on the back of this clay figurine is a tattoo or a design on the garment cannot be determined.




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