Ch. 6 – pp. 150-151


pp. 150-151

pp. 150-151


Just as even factory-produced dolls can appear to have individualistic personalities, these clay figurines speak to us like the Jomon people would have.

1 (p. 150):
A simple clay figurine 24cm in height, with the ears, mouth and even breasts omitted. The expression seen in eyes embedded with asphalt is one of a kind. The arms and legs were broken in similar locations. It is considered that the way in which they were broken implies they were broken intentionally.

2 (p. 151):
A large clay figurine almost 30 cm in height. The torso is broken into two, and there are traces of asphalt having been used as glue. The vertical line pattern on the front is similar to that on the pottery on page 141. Both are from the same time period.

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