Ch. 6 – pp. 152-153


pp. 152-153

pp. 152-153


While there are large clay figurines, smaller clay figurines of a few centimeters have been excavated as well.
The clay figurines, made by firing clay, and bone and stone figurines, made by shaping pieces of bone and stone, are all less than 8 centimeters in size.

Nos. 1 (top left, p. 152), 5 (center, second from top, p. 152), 10 (bottom left, p. 153) have holes, which may have been made to pass string through for hanging. But considering the smallness (3.5 cm) of these clay figurines, they must have had their own particular use.

The clay figurine of No 2 (left, second from top, p. 152) has the same buttocks as the Venus on page 149 though much smaller.
No. 12 (right, second from top, p. 153) is one of the oldest clay figurines, dated to 13,000 years ago, with only a head and breasts and no arms or legs. Since coming into being, clay figurines have always been of female figures.

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