Ch. 6 – pp. 154-155


pp. 154-155

pp. 154-155


Although a large number of clay figurines have been excavated, there are very few that show movements or facial expressions.

No. 1 (p. 154) is an exceptional case. The designs of Nos. 2 (top left, p. 155), 5 (top right, p. 155), 6 (center right, p. 155) are also realistic. In physical anthropology, the Jomon people are thought to have had a square face, big eyes with double eyelids, thick eyebrows, and a high nose. No. 1 shows to have many of these features. The eyes of No. 2, 5 and 6 are closed.

3 (center left, p. 155), 4 (bottom left, p. 155), 7 (bottom right, p. 157):
They were made with simplified forms, which produced a noble facial expression similar to that of a Buddha.
The faces seem to be based on a T-shaped or Y-shaped motif, in which the eyebrows and nose are connected in a continuous line.

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