Ch. 6 – pp. 158-159


pp. 158-159

pp. 158-159


There are discussions that clay figurines were intentionally broken, based on the fact that different parts of the body, such as the torso and the head, were found in separate broken pieces in different locations.

In many instances the breakage occurred in spots most susceptible to damage and therefore opinions are divided as to whether or not the breakages were intentional. However, the whole body of No. 1 is split vertically with what appears to be a powerful single blow by a sharp tool, clearly indicative of an intentional breakage.

No. 2 (top, p. 159) and No. 3 (bottom, p. 159) have common features and are referred to as shakoki clay figurine [human-shaped clay figurine with goggles]. Although there are differences depending on the excavated region, these common features include the eye expression, V-shaped line extending from the chest to the stomach.

No. 1 has similar features as well. These features can be seen in clay figurines around the end of the Jomon period.

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