Ch. 6 – pp. 166-167


pp. 166-167

pp. 166-167


1 (p. 166):
A clay figurine with elements of beauty, praying for fertility. There are no other figurines with legs as long as this. The buttocks are shaped like that of the Venus but moderate in size. This is a masterful piece where the long legs and back with the emphasized straight spine are combined together.

Clay figurines started to have facial expressions from around the middle of the Jomon period. This one was made during the time period when clay figurines did not have facial expressions yet. It is an exceptionally large piece, weighing 1.5 kg and being 45 cm tall.

2 (p. 167):
A stone figurine sufficiently plump to be suitable for praying for fertility and fecundity. Traces of asphalt used for bonding remains on the waist. For the features of the lower half of the body, there appears to be an influence from the shakoki clay figurine. (See No. 4 in p. 61)

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