Ch. 4 – pp. 100-101


pp. 100-101

pp. 100-101


The ornate decorations and decorative projections of even these smaller-sized pottery are in no way inferior to that of the larger pieces.

3 (bottom, p, 100):
This pottery, from southern Kyushu, is dated to about ten thousand years ago. It is a square cylindrical piece with a square-shaped rim and body decorated with a seashell.

The Jomon culture in southern Kyushu that produced this style of pottery vanished 7300 years ago due to the inundation of heated rocks and volcanic ash produced by a volcanic eruption of an underwater caldera 20 kilometers in diameter near Satsuma Iwo Island in the south of Kagoshima prefecture. This was the Pompeii (an ancient Italian city that also vanished by volcanic eruption) of the Jomon  Subsequently, after an extended period of time, when tree buds would begin to grow from the 50 cm thick volcanic ash, the Jomon people returned from northern Kyushu.

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