Ch. 3 – pp. 68-69


pp. 68-69

pp. 68-69


These are ornaments from the Jomon period. While the usage of some is unknown, most likely they were used as personal ornaments, considering the detailed workmanship and designs requiring perseverance.

1 (top left, p. 68):
This looks like a ring, but the size is too small for a finger.

2 (middle left, p. 68), 7 (second right from bottom, p. 68):
These seem to be hair ornaments or bracelets.

3 (bottom left, p. 68):
Either a waist ornament or a pendant.

4 (left, second from bottom, p. 68):
A bracelet made of clay imitating a bracelet made of shell.

5 (bottom center, p. 68), 6 (right, second from top), 11 (bottom, p. 69):
The usages of these small stone objects are unknown.

8 (bottom right, p. 68):
Teeth carvings that look like parts of masks, which were made from tusks of a wild boar that did not inhabit the Hokkaido region. In Hokkaido, tusks of wild boars as ornaments have been excavated.

9 (top left, p. 69):
The size of this object is that of a ring, and is made of bark.

10 (top right, p. 69):
A pendant made by carving a piece of talc. There are traces of red-ocher rouge used to paint it. Because this was excavated from a grave, it may have been hung on the neck of the deceased.


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