Ch. 1 – pp. 12-13


pp. 12-13

pp. 12-13


These are clay figurines and pottery decoration that convey the image of child rearing of the Jomon people.

1 (p. 12):
Figure of a mother holding and nursing a baby. This and No. 3 are the only clay figurines of this kind among more than twenty thousand pieces excavated throughout Japan.

2 (top, p. 13):
A part of pottery using a clay figurine for decoration. This expresses a mother carrying a baby on her back, placed on the rim of a pot.

3 (bottom, p. 13):
A conic-shaped clay figurine without a head. It is carrying a baby on its back with one hand while the other is placed on its belly. Because it has a hollow inside, they may have put small balls inside to make sounds.

Only the three pieces introduced here carry a baby, out of the numerous excavated objects dated to the Jomon period. They are very rare figures.



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