Ch. 1 – pp. 14-15


pp. 14-15

pp. 14-15


1 (p. 14-15):
Footprints of the Jomon people. While footprints of dinosaurs one hundred million years ago remained on bedrock, footprints of the Jomon people three thousand years ago were left on clay.

In this site, a total of 98 footprints were excavated. The size of the foot is twenty-three and a half centimeters with wide toes, a developed arch, and smallish heel. This footprint appears to have been left by accident. There are impressions of other human body parts that appear to have been made intentionally.

2 – 7 (small pics., p. 15):
All are those of infants. Nos. 2 and 6 are handprints and Nos. 3 and 5 are footprints. No. 4 is an impression of teeth made by having an infant bite a block of clay. No. 7 is dented clay made by having an infant hold it. All were fired in a similar way to pottery to last long.





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