Ch. 1 – pp. 20-21


pp. 20-21

pp. 20-21


1 (p. 20-21):
A group of pottery excavated from one site. Different forms of pottery indicate different functions. Finding this many for the same function at one site is very rare. All are decorated and have a lipped rim. We can imagine how these pots served their functions in everyday life, such as separating portions and removing scum from food.

2 (top, p. 21):
A bowl with many small holes on the bottom. This type of bowl has been excavated from Niigata through Hokkaido. It is thought to have been used for steaming and/or straining.

3 (bottom, p. 21):
Spoon made of clay. This may be something that mimicked utensils made of gourd or a smaller version for practical use.


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