Ch. 5 – pp. 126-127


pp. 126-127

pp. 126-127


The Jomon people also used their own figures as decorations.

1 (top, pp. 126-127):
The genders of the human bodies facing each other seem to be distinguished by the size of the buttocks.

The pad-like swell that wrap the shoulders and the vertical line that divides the back in the center are decoration features that appeared on several types of pottery, which are found over a vast region.

2 (bottom, pp. 126-127):
Flat rendering photo of No. 3 on page 13. A baby figure can be seen on this pottery, being either carried on the back or held in the arms. Visible in the unfolded image is a hand placed on the belly on the opposite side of the baby. The curved line of the arm carrying the baby and the baby’s torso with symmetrical decorative patterns are masterful designs. They are exquisite expressions of the human body that are rarely seen in pottery.

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