Ch. 7 – pp. 174-175


pp. 174-175

pp. 174-175


1 (p. 174):
They are nose, mouth and ear parts made of clay. Each of them has holes for a string to pass through. It seems they were used as parts of masks that were made of woven cloth or leather. Also, there seems to have been a wing-like ornament as seen on the head part of the pottery fragment on page 172.

2 (large pic., p. 175):
A clay mask with a crooked nose. Nostrils are expressed by two depressions at the tip of the nose. Of the two holes present on either side of the mask used for a string, only one pierces through. Clay masks with a crooked nose are found only in the Tohoku region.

3 (small pic., p. 175):
The head of a clay figurine wearing a mask made with the clay objects shown in No. 1. Only the head, 23cm in height, was excavated but deducing from its size the body must have been over 1 meter in height.

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