Ch. 2 – pp. 26-27





1 (large pic. p. 27-28):
Scorched rice (carbonized material) and soot are adhered to this pottery, which indicates that the Jomon people used it as a cooking pot. The scorch of overflowing food of this deep pot is more than one millimeter in thickness.

2 (top left, p. 27):
A fire-making morter and a fire-making pestle, which the Jomon people used to make fire. Once gotten used to, one can make fire easily by rubbing them together.

3 (small pic., bottom left, p. 27):
Some kind of glue at the bottom of the pottery fixes the stone tool.

4 (small pic., top, p. 27):
Split wood that appears to have been burnt to use as a light.

5 (small pic., middle right, p. 27):
A grinding slab and a grinding stone to grind food material.

6 (small pic., bottom, p. 27):
There are traces of cooking on this pottery, which does not appear to be made for practical use.



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