Ch. 2 – pp. 36-37


pp. 36-37

pp. 36-37


Deer and wild boar were the main quarry for the Jomon people.

1 (top left, p. 36):
A deer depicted on a piece of pottery.

2 (top right, p. 36):
Also a deer. Like this piece, others with an animal figure at the bottom of the pottery have been excavated in the Tohoku region. They may have been used for different prayers.

3 (bottom, p. 36):
Shards of pottery. This pottery depicts hunting, similar to the one on p. 33. Because this is coated with a red color, it is thought to have had special uses, not cooking.

4 (p. 37):
An arrowhead penetrates the hipbone of a deer. This shows us the power of the arrow and arrowhead at that time.

It is said that the Jomon people ate not only this Japanese serow but almost all other animals as well. At the rock cave site noted on p. 25, there were bones of a type of extinct wolf and even river otters.




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