Ch. 2 – pp. 42-43


pp. 42-43

pp. 42-43


Hunting dogs were essential for hunting animals, including bears.

1 (large pic., center, pp. 42-43), 9 (bottom right, p. 43):
Clay figurines of dogs with a curled up tail that has been succeeded by the modern Japanese breed of dogs. It appears that the clay figurine in picture 7 is also a dog despite the missing tail.

There are excavated cases where dogs were buried with care and were reared even after having had a fractured bone. This indicates a deep relationship between dogs and the Jomon people.

It is thought that Nos. 2 (top left, p. 42), 3 (left, second from bottom, p. 42), 4 (bottom, p. 42), 5 (top right, p. 42), and 8 (second fro top, p. 43) are Asiatic black bears, and that No. 6 (top left, p. 43) is a brown bear, based on the excavated area.


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