Ch. 2 – pp. 44-45


pp. 44-45

pp. 44-45


The living creatures of the Jomon period.

1 (top left, p. 44):
Imitation of an owl.

2 (bottom, p. 44):
A monkey with a very realistic expression, even having vocal sacs.

3 (top right, p. 44):
An imitation of an orca, suspecting from the shapes of the fin that appear to be those of a mammal.

4 (top left, p. 45), 8 (top right, p. 45), 10 (right, second from bottom, p. 45), and 11 (bottom right, p. 45):
Clay objects that have similar shapes. Picture 8 appears to be a tortoise and the other three pieces seem to be simplified forms of various animals.

5 (right, second from top, p. 45):
A monkey with a crying expression, similar to No. 2.

6 (left, second from bottom, p. 45):
An image of a bird, perhaps a kingfisher. This can be either a protruding part of a pottery decoration or a clay figurine.

7 (bottom left, p. 45):
A small clay object that appears to mimick a waterfowl.

9 (right, second from top, p. 45):
It seems to be a deer, guessing from the length of the neck. This appears to be a protruding part of pottery decoration or a clay figurine.



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