Ch. 2 – pp. 58-59


pp. 58-59

pp. 58-59


1 (top left, p. 58):
Pitchers that are made of a wild cherry tree, coated with red and black lacquer, and have handles that are decorated.

2 (top right, p. 58):
A wooden bowl with a handle, which was created by hollowing out a tree.

3 (bottom, p. 58):
A band made of a plant is wrapped around the body of a shallow bowl. This serves both as a hoop and decoration.

4 (top, p. 59):
Fragments of different ropes. The one on the far left is a three-stranded rope.

5 (far left, second from top, p. 59):
Ribbons made of tree bark.

6 (second left, second from top, p. 59):
A piece of tree bark with holes that were made using a stone awl.

7 (second right, second from top, p. 59):
A piece of board with holes perforated with great regularity.

8 (far right, second from top, p. 59):
A large, deep, wooden bowl. Decorations were engraved on the rim, and it appears that lacquer was painted.

9 (bottom, p. 59):
A woven basket with a wickerwork pattern made of bark of a coniferous Japanese cypress tree. Impressions of baskets woven with wickerwork patterns have been found, for example, on the bottom of potteries. It can be surmised that these patterns were widely used in daily life.


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