Ch. 5 – pp. 114-115


pp. 114-115

pp. 114-115


Messages of the Jomon people appear to be expressed in their decorations of humans figures and animals on their pottery.

1 (top, p. 114), 4 (top, p. 115):
Snail shells. Snail-shaped clay objects are all realistically made. They are so realistic it’s as if they were made with the real thing at hand.

2 (bottom left, p. 114), 3 (bottom right, p. 114), 7 (bottom right, 115):
These are pieces with wild boar decorations.

2 (bottom left, p. 114):
A head with big ears, which looks like a bat, is attached to the suspension handles.
This pottery may have been used as a lamp since the inner surface of the handles are burnt and traces of soot can be seen.

Because four animal legs are attached to two of the handles, it can be surmised that the head is not a bat’s head but that of a wild boar, which is often seen on vessels with suspension handles.

3 (bottom right, p. 114):
This is a rare object in which the lid is expressed as a wild boar’s head with tusks.

5 (middle, p. 115), 6 (bottom left, p. 115):
The molding design and decorations appear to be a bird.

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