Ch. 5 – pp. 116-117


pp. 116-117

pp. 116-117


Snakes and wild boars are often seen as animal motifs in pottery decoration.

Wild boars were the main game in Jomon people’s hunting and therefore are seen often on pottery, but it is snakes that appear more frequently as decoration. This may have been due to their desire for immortality through the expression of snakes that shed skin.

1 (top left, p. 116), 2 (bottom left, p. 116), 3 (top right, p. 116), 4 (bottom right, p. 116):
A molding of a snake attached to the pottery.

5 (top, p. 117):
A projection that looks like a snake or frog.

6 (bottom, p. 117):
A projection that appears to be a bird and a snake.

7 (middle right, p. 117):
Head parts that look like a bear or a wild boar.

8 (bottom right, p. 117):
A rare frog-like projection.

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